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How often can anyone remember knowing that their home or business needed a new roof when it wasn’t raining or the wind wasn’t howling?
It’s far more common to see the need for a roof when the need makes itself glaringly apparent. It only takes a few good days to climb up on a roof and spend the day repairing and replacing it, but it takes an early start every day – and some long hours too!
Donnie Likens knows this and takes advantage of the long daylight hours of spring and summer. He and his crew members get up very early, and his crews are up on a rooftop as the sun comes up, tearing off the old shingles, replacing a few bad boards and putting on new shingles with black underlay underneath.
The underlay is a necessary component of good modern roofing practice, because it prevents the condensation on the back side of shingles from soaking into the wooden roof deck. What past generations have called “dry rot” is usually really wet rot caused by natural condensation and the holding of that moisture.
Donnie Likens has been roofing houses in Macon and surrounding counties for more than 30 years. It all began when his dad, Bud Likens, started the business some 45 years ago. Now there are new family members involved in the business as it continues toward half-a-century of operation. The third generation member and newest member of the Likens Roofing family, Jerry Likens, has now been tabbed as the “future owner” of his dad’s business.
He is now a full time employee, along with William Likens, son of Michael. Business is good and keeps getting better.
More and more homeowners are replacing their old, 20-year roofs with 30-year architectural shingles, or with number one grade commercial metal roofing.
The improved, modern roofing materials are more expensive, but they last longer and look better. Nothing is more aggravating than a leaking roof, as most homeowners usually experience a leak before they replace an aging rooftop.
They prefer to get up early and get to work out on a roof early, get a lot done, and quit before the heat of the afternoon makes the hard, hot work unbearable.
“I like working for different people from week to week, and most everyone is friendly and easy to get along with. We do a good job. This is our hometown—me and my family were raised here and I enjoy serving the people of Macon County,” said Likens, who owns the family business with his brother Michael Likens. “We’ll do most any roofing job—tear-offs, re-decks and repairs, metal roofing, flat roofs, rubber (torch down) roofs, patch jobs and, of course, new construction. We really mean it when we say no job too little or too big, and all our work is guaranteed.”
Likens Roofing is fully licensed, insured and bonded. Call the Likens Roof Specialists at 615-666-4059 or 615-572- 4058 or look for their advertising in the local newspapers, local listings, and on the local network.

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