ClimateMaster: Geothermal Heat Pump Systems -

ClimateMaster's Geothermal Heat Pumps can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 30-50%. There are a number of possible applications for the geothermal heat pump systems that ClimateMaster offers. The first application is a closed system, where they ground couple with polyethylene piping in the ground. The second involves a pond loop where polyethylene piping is put into a pond where the heat transfer takes place. The third option is a pass through application known as a pump and dump system. All of these applications use the same machine, which operates mainly with just a small water circulating pump.

By using the system, you can expect to save 30-50% off their heating and cooling costs. By looking at the heating and cooling load of your house and the temperature of the ground around your house, ClimateMaster can calculate for you the cost of operation and savings from installing their geothermal systems.

This unit can both heat the home as well as the home's water. It can provide up to 80% of the potable water heating needs within a household. When heating the home, the unit functions at a 400% efficiency, which is 3 times more efficient than the typical air-source or heat pump systems. The unit is also very quiet, without the fan or compressor noise that are found with other heating and cooling technologies.

ClimateMaster also offers units that accommodate radiant heating systems. These units would produce 100% of the domestic water needs for a particular home.