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I love thIs Issue and the women we feature.
I met Kimberlee Postell when she was my son’s English teacher at Rocky Mount High School. Thomas thought she was a tough teacher, but I saw a teacher who came up with good lesson plans and projects aimed at getting the kids to think and write about perspectives they’d not yet encountered or lived – to think outside the box.
In addition to being a good teacher, Kimberlee has used her gift for writing to launch a successful fashion blog, The Natural Fashionista. I love any story where someone melds their flair for fashion and penchant for writing and Kimberlee has succeeded in marrying her two passions. LaMonique Hamilton has written a great story about Kimberlee, her style and her blog
Brandie Peoples is a local fashion designer with a wicked sense of style. She blends a love for classic, timeless styles with an urban edge that always produces fabulous modern looks. She’s a wife and mother of two and does a great job balancing her business with her family – and always looks great. Check out her story and make sure to come to her upcoming holiday fundraiser for local families.
And my good friends, Patsy Pridgen, Emily Haley Lori Harris and Nichole Huff, as usual, provide timely, honest and fun columns. Thanks, ladies!
Happiest of holidays to you all!

Jenny White

Did you know?

The timing of when a couple cuts the wedding cake can have a specific meaning. Long ago, the cake was usually cut at the very end of the reception and would signal to the guests that it was the end of the festivities. Today, cutting the cake is an unspoken signal that represents that the formal wedding is nearing a close, and guests who would like to leave can do so without worry of being rude. Many couples will cut the cake right after dinner as a courtesy to older guests who may want to get started on their trips home. This affords them the chance to make an earlier exit, rather than staying through the dancing that could extend into the wee hours of the night or missing the cake entirely. Cutting the cake mid-reception also serves another practical purpose for couples who are paying a photographer by the hour. Photographers typically go home after the cake-cutting, so a mid-reception cutting can save couples a substantial amount of money. BR151806